Beware of Fake, Scam, „Phishing” E-mails and hacking

Beware of Fake, Scam, „Phishing”  E-mails and hacking


Our distributors have recently indicated that robots, scammers and/or organized crime groups send out fake e-mails in the name of our respective company.

They fake our company’s e-mail address through an alias, but of course these e-mails have not been sent from our company’s domain or source. Therefore every person who takes a look at this e-mail will see a crossed out lock icon in the incoming e-mail’s address line, or the application will warn him that the e-mail is not secure.

Fake one:


Original one:


If this crossed out lock icon or warning signal does not appear, it is wise to pick the reply mail option, so that the user who ha received the e-mail will acknowledge that the recipient is different from our company’s representative, since we are one of a kind. That is why these delinquents try to contact people through services that hide IP addresses from the address line, because this can distract the users. We do repeat: instantly choosing the reply mail, the authenticity of the recipient can be filtered immediately.

Help for service providers:


We have tested our clients who use gmail and have approved. We will show through several pictures what to keep in mind if this problem is encountered. Only after this can we make sure that the mail has or hasn’t come from an authentic source.

Other mail providers:

Other providers, like protonmail or other encrypted IP services do not indicate authenticity of the source of the mail, that’s why users of this service try to reach their goals worldwide.

To solve this problem, we recommend:

  • Contact the suspicious source via gmail, since the lack of authenticity will occur immediately, as written above.
  • Already at the time of the reply mail, at most of the mail service providers it can be seen that not the authentic source will receive the reply, but the user of the alias (non official) mail. Due to this reason, in the contents of the mail we will find another e-mail address, since the source will try anything to hide that the user is dealing with a fake source.
  • Some e-mail service providers will indicate some way that the e-mail comes from an unofficial source.
  • If the user cannot verify the authenticity even after all these steps, please immediately contact us through our official website and get informed on the authenticity of the mail, we will be happy to respond to our customers.

Why Do I Need SSL?

With so much of our day to day communications happening online, there is very little reason for not using SSL. SSL supports the following information security principles:

  • Encryption: protect data transmissions (e.g. browser to server, server to server, application to server, etc.)
  • Authentication: ensure the server you’re connected to is actually the correct server.
  • Data integrity: ensure that the data that is requested or submitted is what is actually delivered.


You can tell if a website is SSL secure by looking at the URL structure. If a website’s URL starts out with “http,” it is not SSL secure. If it starts with “https,” then it is secure.

Here are a few reasons why all of this is important.

1. Stops Information Theft

When information is submitted on a website, it usually goes through a channel of computers before it reaches the intended party. So the chances of that information being stolen along the way are higher if SSL is not applied. SSL encrypts the information so that it’s readable only to the party it is intended for. It does this by adding random characters to the submitted information, which can only be accessed with an encryption key. The information is useless to anyone who doesn’t have that key.


2. Provides a Sense of Security to People Visiting Your Website

With identity theft on the rise, information security is more important than ever. SSL ensures you keep everyone’s information safe, which builds confidence in people who are visiting your site.

Here are some examples about SSL, after these photos you can decide easily:



Our company definitely distances itself from any actions alike, and has immediately taken all the necessary legal steps in this matter.